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About NATE Training Academy

NATE has teamed up with Interplay Learning to create the NATE Training Academy, a new online training platform for HVACR technicians.

NATE Training Academy is designed to provide technicians a way to train for NATE certification exams online at their own pace. The comprehensive online courses are all available on-demand and can be taken at any time. The interactive and immersive online courses include “field-like” 3D and VR simulations, videos, and knowledge checks.

NATE Training Academy currently offers a comprehensive set of courses to prepare technicians for the Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5) certification exams. The CHP-5 exams are a part of NATE’s certification pathway for technicians that have recently entered the field and are designed to mesh a technician’s training and certification efforts with their on-the-job learning.  The interactive and immersive online classes cover the CHP-5 subject areas: HVAC Fundamentals, Electrical and Controls, Comfort and Airflow, Installation, and Service.

NATE Training Academy is part of NATE’s efforts to better support HVACR technicians. In addition to certifying technicians and recognizing their excellence within the industry, NATE is dedicated to technician development.  NATE Training Academy is a part of NATE’s goal to provide a complete training package for technicians.

How to Register

You can sign up for NATE Training Academy courses through Interplay’s website or your myNATE account in the CHP-5 tab. Monthly and yearly subscription options are available.

Release Calendar

NATE Training Academy currently offers courses on all five CHP-5 exam subject areas. NATE and Interplay Learning plan to continue adding courses to help technicians prepare for other certification exams. This fall, NATE Training Academy will introduce courses to prepare users for NATE’s Low-GWP refrigerant certification.