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Certification Matters

Getting your technician on a certifiable path to HVACR success is simple. NATE offers entry-level certificates, professional certificate exams, and certification to help technicians demonstrate their expertise at any stage of their career.

NATE Certification is designed for professional technicians with at least two years of practical experience. NATE offers two pathways to certification, to give technicians the opportunity to choose the path that best works for them.

The Ready-to-Work and HVAC Support Technician certificates are geared toward early-career technicians with under one year of experience in the field.

NATE offers several certification exams, including a low-GWP Refrigerant exam, for experienced technicians to demonstrate their specialized expertise.

With the Consumer Contractor Connection (C3) Program, contractors can track their technicians certification and recertification progress.

Training support can be found:


HVAC business owners, managers and technicians can easily manage NATE certifications using the four steps outlined below.

Activate myNATE

Easily review continuing education credit balances and expiration dates, upload proof of training and keep contact information up-to-date. Call or email customer service for account activation information.

Earn Training Hours

NATE accepts any training taken in class or online. Courses must be related to a technician’s specialty or in general areas such as safety, electricity, controls, codes and regulations. Credits from state licenses in these areas are also accepted.

Track Credits

Technicians are advised to keep a personal record of all training taken. Any courses not listed in myNATE can be personally uploaded for approval. NATE accepts rosters, certificates, receipts and official letters from training organizations. These documents must clearly show the technician’s name, the name and date of the course, as well as the duration. If you do not have proof of training, fill out and submit the attendance form here.


When 16 credit hours have been approved, eligible technicians may pay renewal fees by phone or online through the NATE store. While NATE accepts payments that are emailed, faxed and mailed, online transactions are secure and much faster! Click here for the recertification application form, to be used by those sending proof of training and payment by mail or fax.