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New Low-GWP Refrigerants Certification Exam

NATE is proud to introduce a new low-GWP refrigerant certification exam. The exam is designed to validate a technician’s knowledge of the low-Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants becoming common in the HVACR industry due to new state and federal regulations.

These new products have additional safety concerns and procedures. The NATE low-GWP refrigerant exam is designed to ensure that HVAC engineers and technicians have the necessary skills and job knowledge to handle refrigerants of all types, with a strong emphasis on the safe handling and use of these new refrigerants.

The certification exam is designed for technicians with at least two years of HVACR experience and helps prepare technicians for changes in:

    • Safety
    • Codes and Standards
    • Transportation and Handling
    • Storage and Packaging
    • Installation, Operation, and Maintenance
    • Recovery, Reclamation, and Destruction

The closed-book exam contains 100 questions and has a 2.5 hour time limit.

Click here to view the Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise (KATEs) for this certification exam.


What are Low-GWP Refrigerants?

With the passage of the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act (AIM Act), HFC refrigerants will be gradually phased out. The alternative refrigerants being used have additional safety concerns such as flammability. The new certification addresses these new safety concerns being ensuring technicians have the skills and job knowledge necessary to use these new refrigerants safely.

AHRI offers an interactive map of the United States listing state and local building codes and legislation passed to allow equipment using A2L refrigerants, as well as a video series about the industry’s transition to low-global warming potential refrigerants. Access the interactive map webpage here.


Training Resources

NATE Training Academy

NATE has partnered with Interplay Learning to create NATE Training Academy, an online platform designed to provide technicians a way to train for NATE certification exams online at their own pace. The Low-GWP course is tailored to cover a spectrum of key topics, ranging from differentiating types of refrigerants based on GWP to installation and service best practices. Additionally, NATE certified technicians can earn CEH credit by completing the course.

The comprehensive online courses are all available on-demand and can be taken at any time. The interactive and immersive online courses include “field-like” 3D and VR simulations, videos, and knowledge checks. You can find more information about NATE Training Academy’s Low-GWP Refrigerant exam preparation courses here.

Official NATE Study Guides

NATE has created a study guide to help technicians prepare for the exam. The paperback guide includes lots of graphics and practice questions at the end of each chapter. The guide is available for purchase in the NATE online store.