Low GWP Refrigerants


The Competency Model The information contained in this book is based upon a competency model that was developed by a panel of subject matter experts (SMEs) in the HVACR profession. These competencies were then validated by a larger pool of professionals from many organizations.

The competency model defines the standards of excellence expected of installation and service technicians in the HVACR industry working with flammable refrigerants. Candidates seeking this certification are expected to be experienced HVACR technicians, but with limited knowledge of flammable refrigerants. This certification examination is not intended for designers, sales personnel, or engineers.

The experts identified five domains, the major responsibilities of technicians when working with flammable refrigerants:

  1. Installation of equipment that contains flammable refrigerants
  2. Servicing equipment that contains flammable refrigerants
  3. Proper safety practices when using flammable refrigerants
  4. Types of flammable refrigerant and their associated properties
  5. Tools used when installing or servicing equipment that contains flammable refrigerants

NATE Flammable Refrigerant Certification This certification exam covers best practices for flammable refrigerant management. While an important preparation tool, this study guide should not be treated as the sole source of preparation for the certification exam.

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