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What It Takes to Be a Testing Organization

NATE certification offers limitless advantages to all professionals in the HVACR industry. Take an active part in improving the quality of the HVACR workforce by becoming a NATE Testing Organization (TO).

A NATE TO is an organization that agrees to follow the NATE testing protocols, and offers at least one testing session per year. A NATE TO must have a minimum of one NATE-approved proctor, to oversee exams. A proctor can be any person who is a member of the TO, but he or she must be approved by NATE.

The following enterprises are eligible to be a NATE Testing Organization (TO):

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers/distributors
  • Contractors
  • Educational/training facilities, colleges, technical schools, libraries
  • Utilities
  • Association partners and trade association chapters

Policies and Applications

Review the NATE Testing Organization and Proctor Policy and Procedure Guidelines to begin the process of becoming a NATE Testing Organization (TO), and then complete the online Testing Organization Application. Your application will be reviewed within three to five business days, and if approved, you will be notified by email and given your TO number. You will then use the TO number to submit the online application for your proctor(s). When this is approved (usually within the same three to five business time frame), you are ready to order exams and schedule tests.

Ordering and Scheduling Tests

TOs can administer either paper or electronic exams. Tests given online, with the exception of the Ready-to-Work Certificate test, must be proctored.

Testing Organization administrators or approved proctors can place exam orders on When ordering tests online at, you must log in using your myNATE username and password. This login is created by using the TO number and password issued in the confirmation email from NATE, when you were approved as a testing organization. If your shipment needs to be processed in three days, an expedite fee will be applied to the shipping cost. You can view any additional charges on the test order calendar.The tests will arrive by the date requested by the testing organization. If they do not arrive, notify NATE immediately so we can find out where the tests are, and get them to you in time.

  • Testing organizations register the candidates and notify them of the test date and time; proctors must sign the candidate in and be present during the testing session.
  • The Core is 1.5 hours and most specialties are 2.5 hours.  Please find the length of individual exams offered by NATE in the table on the Exams Offered page.
  • TOs do not pay for the tests when ordering; they can return payment for the tests when the tests are returned for grading or wait for an invoice. TOs may also place a credit card on file to be automatically charged.
  • Email confirmation will be sent to you once your test order is placed. Make sure your spam/firewall is set up to allow mail from [email protected]. Check with your IT department for assistance.
  • You may track your orders by visiting Sign in using your myNATE username and password, and select either the TO or Proctor tab, then select View Existing Paper Exam Orders.
  • Testing Organizations must abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Privacy Policy

Federal Privacy law prohibits NATE from releasing individual exam results to anyone other than a candidate without written permission. By signing the Third Party Release Form the candidate is authorizing NATE to release results. Candidates may change their release status by logging onto their record at

Collect Your Own Fees

While NATE has established a base price for all exams, you may charge whatever you like for the exams. You are also responsible for collecting payment. For more information on TO pricing, please call NATE at 1-877-420-6283

Purchase Orders

If you work with purchase orders, be certain you have acquired an approved purchase order before ordering NATE tests or giving an online test. Please do not fax the purchase order to NATE. Put the purchase order number on the Test Session Audit Form when returning exams for processing. If giving an online exam there is a field for a purchase order number in the proctor setup section.
Violations of the NATE policies and procedures may result in the loss of privilege to be a NATE Testing Organization or proctor.