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NATE Logo Request Form

    NATE has a variety of logos, trade and service marks, and logo sayings. The NATE company logo is meant to
    be used solely by NATE. Variants of the NATE logo - our parter logos - have a targeted audience with sayings
    which are available both in four-color and black and white versions.

    1. NATE Logos can be sent to contractors which request them (if the contractor employs at least one NATE
    certified technician), businesses that engage in activities in support of NATE certification (Manufacturers,
    Utilities, or Testing Organizations), or NATE re-certification (Testing/Training Organizations). Contractors are
    required to keep at least one NATE certified technician employed for continued use of the logo. If a contractor
    no longer has any NATE certified technicians (certification expiration or technician leaving employment) then
    the contractor must immediately stop using the NATE logo.

    2. Logos can be sent to anyone from a contractor employing NATE certified technicians or acting on behalf
    of that contractor (provided the contractor has identified them as being an agent of that business) who
    requests the logo for company use, provided that company has NATE certified technicians.

    3. Logos with Training or Testing language attached can be sent to any approved Testing or Training
    provider. Manufacturers, Utilities, and other businesses that support NATE can also request support logos.
    Contractors can also request the logo with “Proud To Employ Certified Technicians” provided that they do and
    continue to employ a NATE certified Technician.

    4. It is required that a NATE Logo Request Form is filled out and sent in for approval before any logos are
    sent to any business.

    5. NATE partner logos will be used instead of the NATE corporate logo for usage in any print or online
    material that may be reproduced, or sold.

    6. NATE requires the appropriate four-color 3D NATE logo to be used for web and print. Any business that is
    currently using old logos shall submit a new request form for getting the updated logos.

    All required fields (marked with an * asterisk) must be completed to receive logos.

    My Company Represents*

    Color Scheme*

    Type of Logo Required*

    Type of NATE logo(s) requested (check the ones that are needed)*

    - Contractors/Technicians must supply one valid NATE ID
    - Testing/Training organizations must supply valid TO or RTP number