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Proctor Requirements

Our only requirements for becoming a NATE Proctor are:
1. You gain approval from NATE by submitting a Proctor Application.

2. You are a “disinterested party,” defined as someone who:

  •  Is not a relative of any candidate in the testing session.
  • Will not receive direct financial gain from the outcome of any candidate’s testing.
  • Is not the employer or a co-worker who can hire or fire any candidate in the testing session.

3. You cannot proctor your own exam. If approved as a proctor you can still take the NATE exams, but they must be proctored by someone else that meets the other criteria listed above.

Proctor Duties

A proctor is responsible for running the actual HVACR NATE testing sessions. Additionally, a proctor is responsible for such things as delivering the test materials to the test site, managing the testing site arrangements, instructing candidates prior to a test session, and monitoring site activity to ensure that all candidates are tested fairly.

Specifically, NATE proctors tasks include:

  • Verifying signature and picture ID of each candidate.
  • Establishing and maintaining the absolute security of all test booklets and candidate answer cards before, during and after the test session.
  • Establishing order and orienting candidates to the test process per script.
  • Distributing tests to candidates.
  • Providing instructions on completing the candidate demographic portion of the tests and noting that completion of certain sections, such as age, gender etc., are voluntary and for analytical purposes only.
  • Preventing any cooperation or collaboration among test takers.
  • Keeping and reporting time accurately.
  • Maintaining quiet and controlled test conditions during test.
  • Ensuring that all tests are signed and sealed by the examinee(s) and collected and boxed securely for shipment to NATE.
  • Signing the NATE Test Transmittal Form, certifying test conditions and, if necessary, reporting any circumstances that could have affected examinee performance on a test.

Ordering Tests

If your shipment needs to be processed in three days, an expedite fee will be applied to the shipping cost. You can view any additional charges on the test order calendar.
Email confirmation will be sent once the order is placed. In order to get confirmation emails for NATE orders your spam/firewall should allow mail from [email protected]. Check with your IT department.

To create new orders or track existing orders go to and sign in as either the TO or proctor. Then select Order Paper Exams. Exams will need to be returned to Castle Worldwide.

Testing Materials

As a designated proctor, you will receive a packet of tests and materials from NATE/Midland by the date requested by the proctor. The package will contain the Proctor Master Pack, plus all of the exam materials needed by your examinees. Your Proctor Master Pack contains:

  • A checklist to use before and during the testing session
  • A script to use during the testing session
  • Extra envelopes and seals to secure the return of completed  exams
  • Extra answer sheets
  • Extra comment sheets/scratch paper
  • A Test Session Transmittal Form, to be completed by the proctor and returned with the exams from that session
  • Proctor Materials Packet return envelope
  • In the event you have a question during a test session conducted during business hours please call 1-800-886-4109, 9-5 central time
  • If your Proctor Master Pack is incomplete in anyway, call NATE at 877-420-6283